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The 2012 Tri-State Rugged Maniac Mud Run

The Tri-State Rugged Maniac Mud Run took place this past Saturday, July 14th, at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ.  The length of the run is a 5k (3.2 miles), and it is littered with obstacles and MUD!  The weather for the event was mostly cloudy and very humid.  The clouds certainly helped with the heat, and the mud and water raining down on the participants throughout the course helped with the humidity. 


                Upon first arrival at the event, there are plenty of runners sporting costumes (one guy wore a complete dog costume) and finishers sporting plenty of mud.  Right away, one can tell this was going to be a great event!  The check-in tents had decent sized lines, but simply because of the event’s popularity.  However, the volunteer staff moved the lines quickly and check-in was painless and simple.  Once you have your race bib tightly secured to your outfit and your timing chip secured to your shoe, you are ready for action!  The registration indicates a specific starting time, but we found that they weren’t too stringent on letting you go a heat or two early if you got there in time.  We registered for the 2pm start time, and managed to join the 1:45pm group.

                                Starting Line

               The starting area is blocked off by wooden barricades, and the entrance can be found at the end along with a large sign that indicates “RACER ENTRANCE – ONLY THE RUGGED”.  The starting line is located right along the final obstacle, and the race begins by running under other participants climbing across a large cargo net about 12 feet off the ground.  The race winds along a dirt course that includes plenty of obstacles to contend with (18 total on this course).  Some of which include:

  • Large dirt mounds
  • Long stretches of slippery mud
  • Big wooden obstacles to climb over
  • A long stretch of mud water about 2-3 ft deep
  • Tire swings
  • Trenches of water covered by barbed wire
  • Underground tunnels w/ 3ft clearance
  • A long drainage ditch w/ 3ft clearance
  • Water/mud slides
  • Pot holes and mud puddles

               There is a water stop along the course, which was welcomed with the bit of humidity.  The water stop also doubled as a clean-up area to help with muddy faces, etc.  Some of the obstacles caused some scrapes and bruises, but these are mostly felt in the days following the race.  The adrenaline and excitement during the race helps keep these unforeseen obstacles at bay in the mean time!


               Post-race includes a hose-down area where all the participants line up to hose off some of the mud prior to the drive back home.  The event also included live bands playing, food and beverage area, an area where spectators can also join the action with large, inflatable games, and plenty of beer!  There were plenty of volunteers to help with any questions and the area was maintained very well for the amount of participants.

                                 Plenty of MUD!

                In conclusion, this was the first obstacle, mud run that I have participated in, but it will definitely not be the last.  Can’t wait until next year and I certainly hope to participate in some of the other obstacle races as well.  

                      GOOD TIMES!!!


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  • This event was a great time!  The guys need to do a better job with their costumes next year.  The mohawk and St. Patrick's Day T-shirt just didn't stand up to the other costumes worn at the event!

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